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Air and Sea Travel Statistics April 2022

Recovery in overseas travel continues

CSO statistical publication, , 11am

Key Findings

In April 2022;

  • More than 1,476,600 passengers arrived in Ireland on overseas routes.

  • This compares with 69,400 arrivals in April 2021 (a twenty-one-fold increase).

  • Some 1,377,100 passengers arrived by air and 99,500 by sea.

  • More arrivals came via Great Britain (548,300) than via any other country.

Statistician's Comment

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has today (30 May 2022) released the Air and Sea Travel Statistics release.

Commenting on the release, Gregg Patrick, Statistician, said: “The Air and Sea Travel Statistics for April 2022 continue to show a strong rebound in overseas travel as COVID-19 concerns recede. In April 2022 some 1,476,600 overseas passengers arrived in Ireland. By way of contrast 69,400 overseas passengers arrived in Ireland in April 2021 and just 16,100 overseas passengers arrived in April 2020. However, overseas travel remains significantly lower (14%) than pre-pandemic levels. In April 2019 there were 1,712,900 overseas arrivals.

The recovery is seen in both modes of travel (air and sea), although the recovery in air travel is most dramatic (with a twenty-one-fold increase compared to April 2021). The recovery is also spread across all major routes, with transatlantic traffic up most in relative terms (with 37 transatlantic passengers arriving in April 2022 for every one in April 2021). Among the continental routes, Spanish routes were the busiest, with 197,600 passengers arriving on these routes, a more than thirty-fold increase compared to April 2021.

However, in overall terms, Great Britain remained the most important departure country for overseas travellers to Ireland, with 548,300 passengers arriving on air and sea routes from Great Britain, compared to just 21,600 in April 2021."

The collection of Tourism Statistics at air and sea ports was suspended in March 2020, to protect CSO enumerators and the travelling public from COVID-19. As a result, the details of travel to Ireland classified by country of residence, which were previously presented in the monthly Overseas Travel release, are not currently available. To help fill the data gap, the CSO is publishing this Air and Sea Travel Statistics release which reports on the numbers of overseas travellers arriving and departing Ireland classified by travel route. The information is compiled primarily from statistics provided by the DAA (Cork and Dublin airports), together with data from other airports and sea ferry operators. In March 2022 the CSO resumed survey operations at Dublin Airport on a test basis, using a new data capture methodology. This testing will extend to the other air and sea ports over the summer period. Until these trials are complete and survey operations are fully scaled, the CSO will continue publishing these Air and Sea Travel Statistics to provide high level visibility on overseas passenger flows.

Figure 1: Overseas Arrivals April 2019 - April 2022
Figure 2: Air and Sea Travel Arrivals and Departures by Route, April 2022
Table 1: Overseas arrivals and departures by year, month and mode
Table 2: Overseas arrivals and departures by year, month and route
Table 3: Overseas arrivals and departures by year, month and routing country