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Will somebody in the household answer questions on recycling and energy conservation now?

1. Yes

2. No

3. Skip

If there is no person above the age of 18 in the household then the recycling and energy conservation module will not be asked.

Note for interviewers manual:

The questions should be answered by the person the Interviewer considers to be the most suitable, i.e. a responsible adult

who would know the most information about the household and the habits of its members.

The topics covered range from details on heating, home appliances to recycling habits. Thus the person answering would be able to answer the questions for all the people in the household.

Q1 Are any items of household waste recycled or re-used by others - such as glass, paper, clothing, aluminium cans etc?

1. Yes

2. No

3. No - But if the facilities were available I would recycle

Note for interviewers manual:

IF Q1 = 1 respondent is asked individually about 7 different materials.

IF Q1 not = 1 then respondent skips to Q9.

IF Q1 = '1' then ask Q2-Q8

Q2-Q8 Please indicate which of the following items are recycled or re-used by others and whether the items are collected or brought to a collection point.

Q2 Glass

Q3 Paper (includes light cardboard)

Q4 Cardboard (heavy cardboard)

Q5 Plastic

Q6 Aluminium cans

Q7 Tin cans

Q8 Clothing

The response categories are:

1. Yes - It is collected

2. Yes - It is brought to a collection point

3. No

Q9-Q16 Does your household possess the following?

The response categories are:

1. Yes

2. No

3. Don't know

4. Refusal

Q9 Refrigerator

Q10 Freezer (this refers to a separate freezer, not a freezer compartment of a refrigerator)

Q11 TV set

Q12 Washing machine

Q13 Dishwasher

Q14 Clothes dryer

Q15 Microwave oven

Q16 Air conditioner

Q17 PC (personal computer including laptop computers)

Q18 Hi-fi

If Q9 = '1' then ask Q19

Q19 Does your refrigerator have a freezer compartment?

1. Yes

2. No

3. Don't know

4. Refusal

If Q11 = '1' then ask Q20

Q20 How many TV sets does your household have

1. One

2. Two

3. Three or more

If Q11 = '1' then ask Q21

Q21 Does your TV set (or one of your TV sets) have a PLASMA or LCD display

1. Yes

2. No

3. Don't know

4. Refusal

Q22-Q24 Does your dwelling have the following?

The response categories are:

1: Yes

2: No

3: Don't know

4: Refusal

Q22 Hot water on tap

Q23 Shower facilities

Q24 Bath facilities

If Q22 = '1' then ask Q25

Q25 Is the hot water heated by

1: Electricity

2: Natural gas

3: Oil

4: Coal

5: LPG

6: Other

7: Some combination of the above

Note for interviewers manual:

Some people use different heat sources to heat hot water depending on whether it is Summer or Winter.

For example, a person may use only electricity to heat their water in the Summer and a combination of electricity and oil in the Winter.

For this question it is up to the respondent to reply based on what they consider their main water heating type to be regardless of the season.

Q26 How do you heat your home?

1: Central Heating only

2: Room heating only

3: Combination of the above

4: Do not heat home


If Q26 = '2' then ask Q30

Q27 And which type of central heating system is it?

1. Natural gas

2. Oil

3. Electric

4. Open fire with back boiler central heating

5. Closed solid fuel system

6. Solar panels

7. Ground source heat pump

8. Dual system (solid fuel + other)

9. Other types of dual system

If Q27 = '3' then ask Q28

If Q27 in ('4','5') then ask Q29

Q28 By electric central heating do you mean

1. Storage heaters

2. Plug in electric heaters

3. Combination of both

Q29 What solid fuel do you mainly use

1. Coal

2. Lignite

3. Peat

4: Wood (including wood pellets)

5: Other

Q30 On average how many rooms a day do you heat?

1 One

2 Two

3 Three or more

Q31-Q35 Are any of the following energy conservation measures installed in your home?

Q31 Double glazing?

Q32 Draught stripping to windows or external doors?

Q33 Attic/Roof insulation?

Q34 CFL (Compact Florescent) light bulbs?

Q35 Lagging jacket on hot water cylinder?

The response categories are:

1: Yes - fully

2: Yes - partly

3: No

4: Don't know

5: Not applicable

Q36How many bedrooms in your home?

Enter a numeric value between 0 and 20.

97 = Not applicable (i.e. dwelling unit is neither a house nor an apartment)

98 = Don't know

99 = Not stated

Q37Has there been an extension built to your home?

1 = Yes

2 = No

3 = Not applicable (i.e. dwelling unit is not a house)

8 = Don't know

9 = Not stated