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Sport & Physical Exercise

I will now ask you some specific questions on your participation in physical activity for exercise, recreation or sport

1. Yes
2. No

In the last twelve months did you participate in any physical activities for exercise, recreation or sport (e.g. walking, swimming, playing basketball or golf)?

1. Yes
2. No

[If response is 2, skip to Nopart,

otherwise ask Sports]

What activities did you participate in?

[Rank in order with maximum of 3 starting with most frequently participated in]

If the respondent gives an answer that is not on the list please enter 27 for 'Other' which will enable you to code their answer

10. Aerobics/Keep Fit
11. Basketball
12. Billards/Snooker
13. Cycling
14. Fishing
15. Gaelic Football (includes Ladies Football)
16. Golf
17. Hurling (includes Camogie)
18. Jogging/Cross Country
19. Pitch & Putt
20. Soccer
21. Soccer -5-a-side
22. Swimming
23. Tennis
24. Ten Pin Bowling
25. Walking
26. Weight Lifting
27. Other Sport

Sports2/ Sports3/ Sports4

You have selected 'Other Activity' in the Sports Question.
Use backspace key to code this specific activity to list

In general how would you describe your participation in your main activity/sport?

1. Informal activity
2. Structured / Organised activities or classes (non-competitive)
3. Structured / Organised competition
4. Professional / Semi-professional

Where do you participate in your main activity/sport most often?

1. Gym (including fitness centre, leisure centre, sports centre)
2. Sports Club (includes GAA and Golf clubs)
3. School, College or University
4. Community hall
5. Public Swimming Pool
6. Public places (including parks, paths, roads etc)
7. Other

You did not participate in sport/physical exercise mainly because of?

1. Lack of time due to work
2. Lack of time due to caring (including childcare) commitments
3. Lack of transport
4. Lack of facilities/accessibility
5. Lack of motivation
6. Prohibitive costs
7. Disability or illness
8. Injury
9. Age
10. Other
11. Never participated

[Allow multiple responses]

Now thinking about the last four weeks;
How often did you exercise or play sport?

1. Five or more times a week
2. Three to four times a week
3. One or two times a week
4. Less often
5. No exercise/sport in last four weeks

[If response is 5, Skip to Motivate,

otherwise ask Session]

How much time per session did you spend exercising or participating in sport (in the last 4 weeks)?

1. Less than 30 minutes per session
2. 30 to 60 minutes per session
3. Over 60 minutes per session

How would you rate the intensity of your participation in each session (in the last 4 weeks?

1. No effort (no increase in breathing rate)
2. Light effort (mild increase in breathing rate)
3. Moderate effort (noticeable increase in breathing rate)
4. Hard effort (heavy breathing, difficulty talking in full sentences)
5. Extremely hard effort (gasping for breath, unable to talk at all)

In general, what is your main motivating factor for participating in sport/physical exercise?

1. Improving health
2. Improving performance
3. Participation in competitions
4. Social element
5. Other

What impact has the Local Sports Partnership had on your participation in sport and physical activity over the last twelve months?

1. A lot
2. Some
3. Little or none
4. Not aware of the Local Sports Partnership

Q27 What additional facilities in your local area might enable you to participate or increase your participation in exercise or sport?

1. Public walkways
2. Long distance cycle-ways
3. Swimming pool
4. Gym/Fitness centre
5. Community sports centre
6. Other
7. None of the above

[Allow multiple responses]

How would you describe your health in general?

1. Excellent
2. Very good
3. Good
4. Fair
5. Poor

Do you have any of the following long-lasting conditions? (long lasting here relates to conditions affecting someone for at least 6 months or one which is likely to affect someone for at least 6 months)?

1. Blindness, deafness or a severe vision or hearing impairment?
2. A condition that substantially limits one or more basic physical activities such as walking, climbing stairs, reaching, lifting or carrying?
3. A learning or intellectual disability?
4. A psychological or emotional condition?
5. Other, including any chronic illness?
6. No, none of the above

[Allow multiple responses]