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Q2 2005

This module asks about the highest level of education or training successfully completed.

What is the highest level of education or training you have attained?

- No formal education
- Primary
- Secondary 1(e.g. Group, Inter and Junior Certs, O Levels, NCVA Foundation) Transition Year Programme
- Secondary 2(e.g. Leaving Cert., A Levels, NCVA/FAS/FETAC level 1)
- Technical or Vocational (e.g. Secretarial, PLC, NCVA/FAS/FETAC level 2 or 3, Teagasc Cert/Diploma, Youthreach)
- Higher Education; Certificate/Diploma (e.g. Undergraduate National Cert/Diploma, Cadetship (Army, Navy etc.),
- Diploma in Police Studies
- Primary Degree
- Professional (degree equivalent or higher)
- Postgraduate certificate or Diploma
- Postgraduate degree (taught or researched)
- Doctorate
- Other

1. NCVA - National Council for Vocational Awards
PLC - Post Leaving Certificate
NCEA - National Council for Educational Awards

2. Secretarial/Technical Training Certificate:

- City & Guilds Certificates
- Pitman Certificate in Typing
- Business Studies
- Office Procedures
- Word Processing

3. Undergraduate Diploma/Certificate:

- Certificate/Diploma in Marketing (IMI)
- Certificate for accounting technician
- Certificate in Business Studies
- Certificate in Medical Laboratory Science
- Certificate in Civil Engineering
- Certificate in Design
- Certificate in Construction Technology
- Certificate in Travel & Tourism
- Certificate in Applied Social Sciences
- **Diploma in Nursing
- Diploma in Health Care Technology
- Diploma in Business Studies
- Diploma in Civil Engineering
- Diploma in Applied Science
- Diploma in Environmental Design
- Diploma in Construction Technology
- Diploma in Computer Science
- Diploma in Hotel Management
- Diploma in Language & Business
- Diploma in Applied Social Studies

** Nursing * Degree in Nursing relates to recently qualified nurses who have undergone a formal degree course.
** The Diploma in Nursing corresponds to those who qualified via hospital apprenticeships etc.

4. Primary Degree:

- Bachelor of Arts
- Bachelor of Science
- Bachelor of Business
- Bachelor of Commerce
- Bachelor of Engineering
- Bachelor of Dentistry/Dental Science
- Medical Degree (MB, B. Ch., BAO)
- Degree in Veterinary Medicine
- Bachelor of Education
- Bachelor of Agricultural Science
- Bachelor of Design
- Bachelor in Marketing
- Degree in Nursing
- Degree Equivalent – Chartered/Certified Accountant

5. Postgraduate Diploma or Degree:

- Graduate Diploma
- HigherDiploma (Computers/Statistics/Business)
- Master of Arts
- Master of Science
- Master of Commerce
- Master of Literature
- Master of Philosophy
- Master of Architecture
- Master of Agricultural Science
- Master of Medicine
- Master of Dentistry
(Masters degrees can be taught or by research)

6. Doctorate:

- Doctor of Philosophy
- Doctor of Laws
- Doctor of Literature
- Doctor of Science
- Doctor of Music