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Survey Information

Survey Name Quarterly National Household Survey (QNHS)
Business Area Labour Market, and Vital Statistics.
Survey Purpose To provide estimates on short-term indicators of the labour market (employment, unemployment etc) as well as information on items such as atypical work, crime and other special social topics
Legislative Basis The survey results meet the requirements of Council Regulation (EC) Number 577/98, concerning quarterly labour force surveys
Periodicity Quarterly
Target Population All private households in the state.
Sampling Frame Collection of listed dwelling units enumeration books mained by CSO interviewers
Survey Size 39,000 (3,000 interviewed every week within each 13 week quarter).
Principal Variables Collected Name, gender, age, nationality, employment status, occupation, industry, hours worked, education level.
Principal External Users Eurostat, OECD, National Accounts, Government, Universities, Economists.