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The CSO make anonymised microdata files relating to the core QNHS data and selected ad-hoc social modules available free of charge to students and researchers for non-commercial purposes through the Irish Social Science Data Archice (ISSDA) .

Research access to Microdata files

Research Microdata files (RMFs) for the QNHS are made available to persons authorised to access such files under the Statistics Act, 1993 subject to strict criteria. Please see the following link for information on the application procedure and assessment criteria. 

Legal Basis

The core QNHS is conducted in accordance with EU regulations.

Fieldforce Structure

A field staff of 10 Field Co-Ordinators and 100 Interviewers are employed to collect information continuously. The field staff interviews some 2,000 households nationwide every week, using Blaise, a Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) package, on tablet computers. All CSO fieldstaff working on household surveys carry a CSO identity card.