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Date Last Updated: 09-06-2021

Survey Name:

Intention to Travel Survey

Survey purpose:

The Intention to Travel Survey was undertaken to measure the impact of COVID-19 on travel by Irish residents in April 2021. The survey focused on the impact that COVID-19 has had on expectations regarding travel in the future, and also asked about cancelled trips due to COVID-19.

Legislative Basis National:

Not applicable

Legislative Basis European:

Not applicable


Ad hoc

Statistical Population:

All individuals aged 18 years and over living in private households in Ireland.

Sampling Frame:

CSO Household Register

Reference Area:

Republic of Ireland

Time Coverage:

April 2021

Base Period:

Not applicable

Sector Coverage:

Not applicable

Survey Size:

14,000 approximately

Principal Variables:

Cancelled trips due to COVID-19, travel expectations from May 2021 onwards.

Principal External Users:

Government Departments, tourism agencies, researchers.

Contact Organisation:

Central Statistics Office

Business Area:

Business Statistics

Contact Person:

Brendan Curtin

Contact Person Function:


Other Business Area Specialists:

James Mahon

Contact email:

Contact phone number:

(+353) 21 453 5000