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Survey Information "Discontinued"

Survey Name:

Shannon Inquiry

Business Area:

External Trade, External Trade and Environment.

Survey Purpose:

Collection of Import/Export data from companies operating from within the Shannon Free Zone whose trade is not the subject of normal customs documentation or the Intrastat survey.

Legislative Basis:

Statutory Instrument S.I. Number 776 of 2004


Monthly survey which collects monthly import and export data by country.

Target Population:

All companies importing/exporting merchandise trade to/from the Shannon Free Zone

Sampling Frame:

Not applicable

Survey Size:

60 companies

Principal Variables Collected:

Total imports and exports by country.

Principal External Users:

EUROSTAT, Public - information is not published separately but aggregrate is identifiable in the monthly publication.


Contact Points

Business Area Specialists:

Damian Malone
Norita Murphy

The business specialists above can be contacted by e-mail using their or