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Date Last Updated: 14-06-2019

Survey Name:

Industrial Production & Turnover

Survey purpose:

This survey provides short term indicators of current trends in volume of production and turnover.

Legislative Basis National:

The Monthly Industrial Inquiry is a statutory survey and is conducted under Statutory Instrument (S.I.) No. 2 of 2016 - Statistics (Monthly Industrial Inquiry) Order 2016. All statistics are collected under the Statistics Act, 1993.

Legislative Basis European:

This survey is carried out to satisfy EU requirements on Short-Term Statistics Regulation- Council Regulation (EC) No. 1165/98 of 19 May 1998 (as amended by Regulation (EC) No. 1158/2005 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 July 2005).



Statistical Population:

Local units with at least 3 employees in NACE Rev. 2: NACE 05 - 35

Sampling Frame:

The survey frame is drawn from Census of Industrial Production (CIP) in the base year

Reference Area:

Republic Of Ireland

Time Coverage:

2015 - date at base year 2015 = 100 2010 to 2017 at base year 2010 = 100 1980 to 2013 at base year 2005 = 100

Base Period:


Sector Coverage:

NACE Rev2.1 is used for NACE 05 –35 as follows: Production Index – NACE 05-35 Turnover Index –NACE 05-33

Survey Size:

The survey is a census of approximately 1400 local units

Principal Variables:

Production and Turnover.

Principal External Users:

Eurostat, IMF, Government, Central Bank, economic analysts.

Contact Organisation:

Central Statistics Office

Business Area:

Business Statistics

Contact Person:

Gerard Doolan

Contact Person Function:


Other Business Area Specialists:

Alan Finlay

Contact email:

Contact phone number:

(+353) 21 453 5000