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Statistical classification review of Tier 2 Approved Housing Bodies

December 2020

Statistical Classification Review of Tier 2 Approved Housing Bodies (PDF 578KB)

Eurostat letter confirming classification of AHBs

02 March 2018

Ireland - Sector Classification of Approved Housing Bodies (Eurostat, PDF 305KB)

Letter to Eurostat setting out CSO assessment of classification of AHBs and seeking Eurostat's advice in accordance with Eurostat guidelines on provision of ex-ante and ex-post advice (clarifications and decisions) on methodological issues.
Material considered statistically confidential has been redacted.

20 December 2017

 AHB Classification Cover Letter to ESTAT (PDF 8,288KB)

Appendices 1-3 of letter.
Appendix 4 is redacted in full due to statistical confidentiality.

20 December 2017

 AHB cover letter Appendices 1 to 3 (PDF 273KB)

Background discussion document provided to Eurostat with letter.

20 December 2017

 Summary of Financial Schemes for Provision of Social Housing (PDF 753KB)

Slides provided at briefing meeting.

20 December 2017

 AHB Classification Slides - 20 December 2017 (PDF 730KB)