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The Production in Building and Construction Index

This quarterly release presents the results of the Quarterly Survey of Construction (QSC). 

This survey began in 2004 and the first results were published in 2007. It measures the performance of the construction sector by surveying the amount charged by construction companies for value of work done (also known as output) excluding VAT and payments to subcontractors.

Data are collected in three categories of construction; residential, non-residential and civil engineering. The different categories are weighted according to their relative importance using data from the report "The Irish Construction Industry in 2012" produced by DKM Economic Consultants for the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI), which presents annual output for the reference year 2010.

The results are published in index form, with the current base year being 2010=100. Value indices (at current prices) and Volume indices (allowing for price changes) are published.

The Quarterly Survey of Construction?

The quarterly production in building and construction index provides quarterly statistics on output in the sector. The index monitors trends in the value and the volume of production in building and construction. The primary purpose of the index is to measure changes in value added at constant prices. The principal difference between the value and volume indices is that the volume index traces the quantitative volume of production (i.e. effect of price changes excluded) each quarter.

The Building and Construction Inquiry

This Annual survey produces structural information on miscellaneous accounting variables for the Construction Industry, including employment, gross earnings, turnover, purchases, payments to subcontractors, capital assets, stocks, other costs and taxes. It is an annual census of enterprises with 10 or more persons engaged and a sample of enterprises with less than 10 persons engaged in Section F of NACE Rev. 2.

The title of this publication is the ‌Building and Construction Inquiry.

The Monthly Employment Index (DISCONTINUED)

This series of monthly indices was based on trends shown by a monthly employment sample inquiry covering approximately 1,000 private Building and Construction firms with 5 or more persons engaged. 

Information was published in the form of a monthly release titled Index of Employment in Construction. This data was also published in the CSO´s statistical yearbook.

Respondents to the monthly sample inquiry were classified into three size categories namely 5-19, 20-99 and 100 or more persons engaged. The most recent weights for the three size categories were based on data from the Monthly Inquiry and the 1997 Labour Force Survey.

This survey was discontinued in December, 2008. Employment in Construction is now measured by the Quarterly National Household Survey. 

The Earnings and Hours Worked in Construction series (DISCONTINUED)

This enquiry was initiated in 1969 and first results were published in September, 1970. Since the mid-1970s the inquiry covered private businesses in the Building and Construction Industry with 10 or more persons engaged.

Data were collected for a specific week in the middle of the last month of each quarter. The details collected each quarter were in respect of skilled and unskilled workers and other employees (managerial, technical, clerical and supervisory). The information collected for each category of employee were total numbers of persons engaged, total earnings and total hours worked during the survey week.

This survey was discontinued in Quarter 4, 2008. Earnings and Hours worked in Construction are now collected by the Earnings, Hours and Employment Costs Survey (EHECS).

Statistics from Other Sources

The Department of Environment, Community and Local Government produce the following statistics;

New Dwellings Completed
Housing Starts
House Price Statistics
Local Authority Housing Schemes
Local Authority Loan Activity
Mortgage Market Statistics
Private Housing Market Statistics