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Leaving Certificate 2024: Economics Research Project

 The Leaving Certificate 2024 Research Study for Economics concerns the themes of:

  1. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and
  2. Irish exports.

Students are asked to evaluate the impact of one of these economic features on two aspects of the Irish economy, chosen from the following list:

  1. Employment
  2. Government Finances
  3. Ireland’s Balance of Payments
  4. Balanced Regional Development

A list of CSO resources relevant to the project briefs is published here.

  • The International Accounts releases detail Irish Exports and Imports on a quarterly basis. They provide a detailed decomposition of Ireland’s exports of goods and services, identifying key trading partners and comparing exports by industry.
  • In addition, Ireland’s Trade in Goods covers Irish Exports and Imports exclusively by movement of goods across borders. This is distinct from the International Accounts statistics (previously included), which include trade by change of ownership.
  • For specific information on FDI-associated Employment, please see Foreign Direct Investment in Ireland 2018 (under ‘FDI-Associated Employment’). This release outlines the impact of FDI on the Irish labour market. Further information on compensation of employees (e.g. wages, salaries) by foreign/domestic firms is published in this Quarterly National Accounts release.
  • Government Finance Statistics are available both Quarterly and Annually. The latest annual release (Government Finance Statistics 2022) provides detailed decompositions of government revenue, expenditure and financial accounts. While the descriptive releases date back to 2012, data on government finance is available 2 between 1995 and 2022 on
  • Figures and information relating to Ireland’s Balance of Payments are available under International Accounts. Figures relating to the Balance of Payments Current Account are published in the latest release.
  • For projects examining Balanced Regional Development, figures on County incomes and regional GDP are published in County Incomes and Regional GDP. These releases detail income, employment, industry and value-added by region in Ireland, and date from 1999-2020.
  • Foreign Direct Investment in Ireland 2018 also contains information pertaining to regional employment associated with FDI (under ‘Regional FDI Employment’), which is relevant for projects studying the influence of FDI on Balanced Regional Development in Ireland.
  • Exporting Enterprises in Ireland 2017 is relevant for projects examining the influence of Irish Exports on Balanced Regional Development. This release provides comparative figures on export intensity and reliance across regions in Ireland. 

List of Project Resources by theme

For a condensed list of all resources by project theme, please see the table below.

Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment 2021 - Redomiciled PLCs

Foreign Direct Investment Annual 2021 

Employment Foreign Direct Investment 2018 - Associated Employment  
Government Finances Government Accounts
Ireland’s Balance of Payments Balance of International Payments
Balanced Regional Development

County Income and Regional GDP 2020

Foreign Direct Investment in Ireland


Irish Exports

International Accounts 

Ireland's Trade in Goods

Goods Exports and Imports 

International Trade in Services 

Employment N/A
Government Finances Goverment Accounts
Ireland's Balance of Payments Balance of International Payments Q2 2023 
Balanced Regional Development

County Incomes and Regional GDP 2020 

Exporting Enterprises in Ireland