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The Census 2022 Senior Manager recruitment competition is now closed.

However, due to the geographical spread of the Senior Management positions available, there may be a need to re-open the competition in a small number of specific locations in the coming days.  In this event, these areas and application details will be published here. Thank you for your interest in the census.

Applicants will be notified when the results of shortlisting are available.  It is hoped that interviews for applicants successful in the shortlisting process will take place in mid-June.

Census 2022 Field Force

A large force of temporary field personnel will be recruited to conduct the census enumeration.  For census purposes, the country will be divided into 46 designated regions each comprising between 10 to 13 field districts.  The field force structure and competition time lines are as follows:


  • 6 Census Liaison Officers - Competition closed
  • 46 Regional Supervisors - Competition closed
  • 466 Field Supervisors – 26th August 2021
  • 5,100 Enumerators – 25th November 2021


On the 26th of August, field force recruitment for 466 Field Supervisor posts is due to take place.  Applications will be accepted online on the CSO website. The duration of the contract for Census Field Supervisors will be from January 2022 to May 2022.

On the 25th of November, the final stage of the Census 2022 Field Force recruitment is due to take place for 5,100 Census Enumerator posts.  Applications will be accepted online on the CSO website.  The duration of the contract will be 10 weeks from late-February 2022 to early-May 2022.

For all census recruitment queries, contact us by email at

Applicants should note that government restrictions related to Covid 19 may require the CSO to terminate this recruitment campaign and/or any appointments arising from it prior to the scheduled commencement of, or during,  the contracts.