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The Census 2022 results will be published from Tuesday, May 30th beginning with a summary report.  A series of themed reports, Small Area Population Statistics (SAPS) and Place of Work, School, College - Census of Anonymised Records (POWSCAR) will follow as set out in the schedule below.  The thematic releases will be accompanied by detailed statistical tables. Releases will be available on the CSO website from 11am on the day of publication. An update on 2024 releases will be provided at a later date. If you have any queries, please contact or 1800 236 787.

Please be advised that the CSO has made the following changes to its upcoming scheduled releases for Census 2022. Profile 6 on Homelessness, originally scheduled for Thursday, November 16th 2023, is to be rescheduled to allow more time for analysis. Details to follow on a revised publication date. Profile 7 on Employment, Occupations and Commuting, originally scheduled for Thursday, November 30th 2023, has been rescheduled to Tuesday, December 5th 2023.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Release name Date
Census 2022 - Summary Results Tuesday, May 30th 2023
Census 2022 Profile 1 - Population Distribution and Movement Thursday, June 29th 2023
Census 2022 Profile 2 - Housing in Ireland Thursday, July 27th 2023
Census 2022 Profile 3 - Households, Families and Childcare Thursday, August 31st 2023
Census 2022  - Small Area Population Statistics (SAPS) Thursday, September 21st 2023
Census 2022 Profile 4 - Disability, Health and Carers Thursday, September 28th 2023
Census 2022 - Place of Work, School, College - Census of Anonymised Records (POWSCAR) Thursday, October 19th 2023
Census 2022 Profile 5 - Diversity, Migration, Ethnicity, Irish Travellers & Religion Thursday, October 26th 2023
Census 2022 Profile 6 - Homelessness To be rescheduled 
Census 2022 Profile 7 - Employment, Occupations and Commuting Tuesday, December 5th 2023
Census 2022 Profile 8 - The Irish Language and Education  Tuesday, December 19th 2023