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Wednesday 03 May 2022: The Central Statistics Office (CSO) never sells or shares information with third parties.

Personal information provided to the CSO in the Census and other surveys is fully confidential and is protected by law, under Section 33 of the Statistics Act, 1993.

All data published by the CSO is in aggregate form so that it never identifies individuals or households.  No details related to an identifiable person or individual household are ever divulged to private businesses, government departments or public bodies.

Data collected by the CSO is only ever used for statistical purposes.  The CSO publishes aggregated statistics on our website. These aggregate statistical outputs are freely available to everyone. Publishing data in aggregate form means no individual or household is identifiable. No third party has access to any individual’s data provided to the CSO.

As the national statistics agency, the CSO collects data about many aspects of Irish people’s lives to provide Official Statistics for government, other agencies, businesses and communities to help them make informed decisions, allocate resources and plan for the future.


Legislation underpinning confidentiality of information:

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is an independent statutory body established under the Statistics Act, 1993. The 1993 Act sets out the legal powers and duties of the CSO.  A key legal cornerstone of the operation of the Office is that information supplied to it under the Act (i) may only be used for statistical purposes (section 32 Statistics Act 1993) and (ii) may not be disclosed in identifiable form outside the CSO (section 33 Statistics Act 1993). Census forms will only become public documents 100 years after census date in line with Section 35 of the Statistics Act 1993.


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