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The Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015 is designed to provide information to the public about who is lobbying whom about what. The Standards in Public Office Commission have established an online register of lobbying at

Section 6(4) of the Act requires each public body to publish a list of designated public officials of the body.  The purpose of the list is twofold:

  1. To allow members of the public identify those persons who are designated public officials; and
  2. As a resource for lobbyists filing a return to the Register who may need to source a designated public official’s details.


The Standards in Public Office Commission has a role under the legislation to issue guidance and information and to promote an understanding of the legislation. The Standards in Public Office Commission, in co-operation with the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform, has published guidance on the Regulation of Lobbying Act for Designated Public Officials.

Further information regarding the legislation and further guidance on the Act is available on the Regulation of Lobbying website at . Information may also be obtained by contacting the Standards Commission at or at 01-6395722.


CSO Designated Public Officials under the Act

  • Pádraig Dalton - Director General
  • Maria Hurley - Assistant Director General (Corporate Affairs)
  • Joe Treacy - Director (Business Statistics)
  • Richie McMahon - Assistant Director General (Social & Demographic)
  • Jennifer Banim - Assistant Director General (Economic)
  • Paul Morrin - Assistant Director General (Statistical System Coordination)
  • Francesca Kay - Assistant Director General (Quality, Methodology & Technology)


Phone: (+353) 21 453 5000 (Cork Office)

or (+353) 1 498 4000 (Ardee Road Office)

or (+353) 1 895 1300 (Swords Office)

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