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  • This report is the second of two summary publications from Census 2016. The topics covered include employment, education and skills, health, disability and carers as well as commuting patterns. Interactive maps and tables accompany the report.
  • Foreword (PDF 39KB)
  • Chapter 1 Labour Force Participation (PDF 611KB)
  • Chapter 2 Unemployment (PDF 1,031KB)
  • Chapter 3 Employment by Sector (PDF 163KB)
  • Chapter 4 Occupations (PDF 153KB)
  • Chapter 5 Nationality (PDF 182KB)
  • Chapter 6 Socio-Economic Group and Social Class (PDF 525KB)
  • Chapter 7 Education (PDF 191KB)
  • Caibidil 7 - Oideachas (PDF 289KB)
  • Chapter 8 Travel Patterns and Car Ownership (PDF 558KB)
  • Chapter 9 Health, Disability and Caring (PDF 669KB)
  • Appendices (PDF 1,304KB)
  • Infographics
  • Mapping by Airo

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