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Trade by Enterprise Characteristics 2017

CSO statistical publication, , 11am

Table 1.1 Concentration of value of traders 2017
€million €million 
Value% of totalValue% of total
Top 531,4712612,89316
Top 1048,8894019,06423
Top 5087,4137238,97947
Top 10097,8088047,33157
Top 500112,8689364,22478

Top five exporters account for 26% of all goods exports in 2017

The five highest value exporters accounted for over €31 billion or 26% of all exports in 2017. The top 50 enterprises exported 72% of total goods, equal to €87.4 billion.

There is a greater concentration of large traders on the export side than on the import side. The top five importers accounted for €12.9 billion or 16% of total imports in 2017. 

The top 50 importing enterprises had imports of €39 billion, or 47% of the total.

X-axis labelExportsImports
Top 525.846979711957215.610003506594
Top 1040.15182724370823.0809374072766
Top 5071.791772590496747.1931753216963
Top 10080.328734122327957.3046195696651
Top 50092.697527650552677.7576781904402

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