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CSO statistical release, 03 March 2016, 11am

Access to Finance


Small and medium sized enterprises applying for different types of finance, 2014
Size of Enterprise Bank financeEquity financeOther types of finance
Micro (1-9 Persons employed)
Small (10-49 Persons employed)
Medium (50-249 Persons employed)
All SMEs (Under 250 Persons employed)

Bank finance the most popular type of finance sought by SMEs in 2014

Figure 1: SMEs applying for finance, 2014
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Results from the 2014 Access to Finance survey show that bank finance was the most popular type of finance sought. Over a fifth of all small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) applied for such finance in 2014. While 20% of micro sized enterprises  applied for bank finance, the rate rose to 35% for small sized enterprises and increased again to 39.8% for medium sized enterprises.

Relatively few SMEs looked for finance from non-bank sources, for example only 4.7% of medium sized enterprises looked for equity finance compared to 39.8% of similar sized enterprises who looked for bank finance. Exporting SMEs generally made more applications for bank finance than non-exporting SMEs. See Headline table, Table 1 and Figures 1 & 2.