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CSO statistical release, 23 February 2018, 11am

Industrial Disputes

Quarter 4 2017

 Disputes in Progress
 DisputesWorkersDays lost
Q4 2016221,17751,135
Q3 201738762,131
Q4 201734,2716,333

50,191 days lost to industrial disputes in 2017

Days lost per year
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During 2017 there were 50,191 days lost to industrial disputes. This compares with 71,647 days lost in 2016. See table 3 and figure 1.

There were a total of ten industrial disputes in progress in 2017 involving 9,456 workers, whereas 29,372 workers and ten firms were involved in ten industrial disputes in 2016. See table 3.

Total number of firms involved in industrial disputes in 2017 is not available as the CSO was unable to establish the number of firms involved in one industrial dispute in the Construction sector in Q2 and Q3 2017.

Two industrial disputes in the Transport and storage sector accounted for 76% of the days lost in 2017, with 37,915 of the 50,191 total days lost. See table 2.

  •  There were three disputes in progress in the fourth quarter of 2017, resulting in 6,333 days lost and involving 4,271 workers and three firms. See table 1.