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CSO statistical release, 30 June 2017, 11am

Statistics of Port Traffic


Category of goods20152016change
 '000 tonnes'000 tonnes
Liquid bulk12,43811,274-9.4%
Dry bulk15,86615,937+0.4%
Break bulk & other goods1,4721,387-5.8%

Irish ports handled 50.7 million tonnes of goods in 2016

Statistics of port traffic 2016 Figure 1
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Irish ports handled 50.7 million tonnes of goods in 2016, an increase of 46,000 tonnes when compared with 2015. Goods forwarded amounted to 17.0 million tonnes in 2016, a fall of 0.4% compared to the previous year, while goods received increased by 0.3% to 33.7 million tonnes. See table 4.

The tonnage of goods handled rose in three categories with increases in roll-on/roll-off (+7.0%), lift-on/lift-off (+3.5%) and dry bulk (+0.4%). The tonnage of goods handled fell in the remaining categories with liquid bulk and break bulk and other goods decreasing by 9.4% and 5.8% respectively. See table 4 and graph.

The annual analysis also shows that

  • The number of vessels arriving annually in Irish ports increased by 5.2% to 12,880 in 2016, and the total gross tonnage of these vessels rose by 2.9% to 238.4 million tonnes. See table 1.
  • Goods received accounted for two-thirds (66.5%) of the total tonnage of goods handled in 2016, the same proportion as in 2015. See table 4.
  • Of the total weight of goods handled in 2016, dry bulk accounted for 31.4%, roll-on/roll-off 29.4%, liquid bulk 22.2%, lift-on/lift-off 14.3% and break bulk 2.7%.
  • The routes between Dublin and three UK ports – Holyhead, Liverpool and Milford Haven were the busiest routes for inward movement of goods in 2016.  The Dublin-Holyhead and Dublin-Liverpool routes were also the busiest routes in terms of goods forwarded. See tables 10A and 10B.
  • In 2016 a total of 2.7 million passengers used Irish ferry ports. Dublin port handled almost two thirds of all passengers and the busiest route was Dublin-Holyhead. See table 11.
  • A total of 209 cruise ships with more than 222,000 passengers visited Ireland in 2016. See tables 12 and 13.