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This chapter contains information on the industrial sector. The annual industrial survey data is currently unavailable as there is a revision and methodological review for reference years 2008 - 2014. Industrial data for these years will be published in October 2016 with the yearbook being updated in due course.  Table 11.1 is compiled using the monthly data collected in the Industrial Production and Turnover Inquiry.  The primary purpose of the Industrial Production and Turnover Inquiry is to provide a short-term indication of changes in the volume of production and turnover.  This is published on a monthly basis.

11.1 Volume indices of production for industrial sectors
Base Year 2010=100
Industrial sectorcode20112012201320142015
Mining and quarrying5-984.975.8109.9100.082.2
Food products and beverages10,11112.8115.6116.7129.3135.9
Textiles and wearing apparel13-1589.178.680.282.482.1
Wood and wood products1691.582.990.786.385.8
Paper and paper products; publishing,      
printing and reproduction of recorded media17-1889.787.685.391.886.4
Chemicals and pharmaceuticals20-2195.888.984.9122.4#
Rubber and plastic products2298.794.
Other non-metallic mineral products2399.986.386.291.7103.4
Basic metals and fabricated metal products24-25112.598.9106.4117.6126.5
Computer, electronic and optical products2679.988.377.675.1#
Electrical equipment27117.4118.1121.2113.1112.4
Machinery and equipment, not elsewhere classified28113.4119.8121.1137.7#
Transport equipment29-3099.593.087.868.668.3
Manufacturing industries 10-33100.198.996.4119.7165.8
Transportable goods industries 5-3399.998.596.6119.4164.4
Energy producing industries 05,06,19,3596.595.491.2110.5106.0
# Confidential
Source: CSO

Interactive table: Statbank link


Industrial Production increased by 38.5% in 2015. The Food Products and Beverages sector increased by 5.1% while Mining and Quarrying showed a decrease of 17.8%.

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