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Survey Information

Survey Name:

Vehicle Licensing

Business Area:

Transport Section, Agriculture, Transport & Tourism Division.

Survey Purpose:

To provide detailed monthly and annual information on the number and types of vehicles licensed for the first time in the Republic of Ireland

Legislative Basis:




Target Population:

All Vehicles licensed for use on the public road for the first time in the Republic of Ireland

Sampling Frame:

Census, no sample taken, see below.

Survey Size:

Census- One administration file. File size ranges from about 30,000 records at the beginning of the year to about 6,000 records in December.

Principal Variables Collected:

Registration number, new/second hand, motor taxation office, make, tax class, engine capacity, fuel type, date of first licensing.

Principal External Users:

Motor Industry and General Public

Contact Points

Business Area Specialists:

Brendan Curtin
Noreen Dorgan

The business specialists above can be contacted by e-mail using their firstname.lastname@cso.ie

Methodology Document

Quality Report