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Survey Information

Survey Name:

Road Traffic Volumes

Business Area:

Transport Section, Agriculture, Transport & Tourism Division.

Survey Purpose:

To provide detailed annual information on the average annual kilometers and the total kilometers travelled by Irish registered vehicles.

Legislative Basis:




Target Population:

All Irish registered mechanically propelled vehicles under current license.

Sampling Frame:

National Vehicle and Driver File (NVDF)

Survey Size:

The survey size is dependent on the available data provided by two administrative sources; the National Car Testing (NCT) service and commercial vehicle road worthiness tests administered by the Road Safety Authority (RSA). In 2008, for example, data was available for 1,030,530 vehicles from these combined sources. This represented 41.2% of the target population of vehicles.

Principal Variables Collected:

Registration number, tax class, engine size (cubic capacity), fuel type, unladen weight (of goods vehicles), name of owner, county of owner, odometer reading, vehicle test date

Principal External Users:

Motor Industry, Researchers and General Public

Contact Points

Business Area Specialists:

Jim Dalton
Noreen Dorgan

The business specialists above can be contacted by e-mail using their

Methodology Document