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Annual Services Inquiry 2008

Turnover in Distribution and Services exceeded €213bn in 2008

Distribution and Services enterprises had a turnover of €213,725m, gross margin of €97,781m and gross value added of €52,532m in 2008, the detailed Annual Services Inquiry 2008 released by the Central Statistics Office today reveals. A total of 996,768 persons were engaged and €27,546m was paid in wages and salaries during the year.

The business activity classification used in the inquiry is based on the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community, NACE Rev. 2. Prior to 2008 an older version of the classification, NACE Rev. 1.1, was used.

Other results

  • Stocks held by enterprises in the Distribution sector decreased during the year by over €656m.
  • The Border, Midlands and West region accounted for 26% of the total number of enterprises, 21% of persons engaged and only 14% of total turnover.
  • Distribution and Services enterprises with less than 10 persons engaged accounted for 86% of the total number, but only 27% of persons engaged and 16% of turnover.
  • Over 60% of enterprises described themselves as family owned.



These tables present a detailed picture of the structure and activity of Distribution and Services in 2008. Short-term indicators of trends in turnover, employment and earnings, stocks and capital assets are published regularly to monitor current developments.

The introduction of the NACE Rev. 2 classification has led to some significant changes compared to the previously used NACE Rev. 1.1, such as the introduction of new sectors not surveyed before (e.g., veterinary services), the reclassification of some sectors from Industry to Services (e.g. publishing) and changes to the internal structure of the  Distribution and Services sector. As a consequence the results of ASI 2008 and 2007 are not directly comparable.

For further information on the NACE Rev. 2 classification visit the CSO website:

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30 September 2010