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  • This report presents the first results of the 2016 census which was held on the 24th April last year.  It covers overall population change, age, marital status, households and families, as well as first results on nationality, foreign language, the Irish language, religion and housing.
  • Census 2016 Summary Results - Part 1 (PDF 2,887KB)
  • Foreword (PDF 82KB)
  • Chapter 1 Population change and historical perspective (PDF 335KB)
  • Chapter 2 Geographical distribution (PDF 246KB)
  • Chapter 3 Age and sex composition (PDF 560KB)
  • Chapter 4 Households and families (PDF 1,212KB)
  • Chapter 5 Diversity (PDF 544KB)
  • Chapter 6 Ethnicity and Irish Travellers (PDF 340KB)
  • Chapter 7 The Irish language (PDF 182KB)
  • Caibidil 7 - An Ghaeilge (PDF 259KB)
  • Chapter 8 Religion (PDF 327KB)
  • Chapter 9 Housing (PDF 1,158KB)
  • Appendices (PDF 1,114KB)
  • Infographics
  • Mapping by Airo

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