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The 2016 census is being run as a no change census which means the questions on the 2016 census form are the same as those used in 2011 will the exception of the question on marital status which has been amended to accommodate the category In a registered same-sex civil partnership.

The main household census form caters for up to six persons present in the household on Census Night. There are 30 questions on the form which must be answered in respect of each individual who is present in the household. In addition there are 11 household questions which the householder must answer relating to the household’s accommodation. The household form also seeks limited information about persons who were temporarily away from the household on census night.

A sample copy of the 2016 English language census Form can be found here (PDF 2,170KB)

A sample copy of the 2016 Irish language census Form can be found Foirm Dhaonáirimh 2016 (PDF 1,993KB)

Further information about individual questions on the census form can be found here.