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    In April 2018 the Report of the Scoping Group on Sexual Violence Data recommended that a national survey on the prevalence of sexual violence should be conducted, among other things. The CSO was requested by the Minister to oversee the development and delivery of a new national survey on the prevalence of sexual violence in Ireland. The findings of the survey will inform policy in several areas and is currently under development.

    This page brings together all the information the CSO has published relating to the Sexual Violence Survey (SVS).

  • Frequently Asked Questions about the Sexual Violence Survey (SVS)
  • Comparison between the Sexual Violence Survey and SAVI
  • Sexual Violence Survey Memorandum of Understanding
  • Sexual Violence Survey Press Release
  • Sexual Violence Survey Methods Page

    A informational session on the development of the SVS and workshop was held on the 22nd May 2019. The following presentation is a summary of the key points of the day and it also contains a summary of the discussion in the workshop section of the day.

  • SVS 2019 Workshop (PDF 1,080KB)
  • Terms of Reference for the Steering Group
  • Meeting 1 - 26th April 2019
  • Meeting 2 - 26th June 2019
  • Meeting 3 - 25th September 2019
  • Meeting 4 - 18th December 2019
  • Meeting 5 - 29th April 2020
  • Meeting 6 - 13th July 2020
  • Meeting 7 - 9th September 2020
  • Terms of Reference for the Liaison Group
  • Meeting 1 - 18th July 2019
  • Meeting 2 - 26th September 2019
  • Meeting 3 - 13th February 2020
  • Meeting 4 - 30th September 2020

    For further information contact the team at

    Alternatively contact Helen McGrath at or on 021 453 5108.