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The average weekly household expenditure on food in 2016 was €123. How do we know this? Because you told us.

The information you give us means we can create a very accurate picture of Ireland, our lives, our economy, our health and our happiness.

Keeping your diary

Participation in the survey requires that each person aged 16 or over within selected households keeps a diary record of their expenditure for a continuous 14 days.

Key points for completing this task are

  • Ensure that you request receipts for all purchases and insert them in the pouch provided
  • Include as many receipts as possible
  • Only fill the diary in if a receipt is not already inserted in the pouch for the item purchased or if the description on the receipt is to vague
  • Don't forget to record online purchases
  • Enter each item in the appropriate section (see guidance in the diary Table of Contents) and follow the relevant instructions