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Headshots of 4 young people above the Growing up in Ireland, CSO and CSO Survey Logos

Growing up in Ireland gathers data on the issues facing children and young people today

Growing Up in Ireland (GUI) is the national longitudinal study of children and young people.

GUI started in 2006 and follows the progress of two groups of children: 8,000 9-year-olds (Cohort ’98) and 10,000 9-month-olds (Cohort ’08). The members of Cohort ’98 are now aged about 24 years and those of Cohort ’08 are around 13 years old.

The GUI survey will be run by the CSO for the first time in 2023. To prepare for this, in 2022 the CSO will carry out a pilot survey of 24/25 year olds on their experiences at this new stage of their lives.

The purpose of the pilot is to test the feasibility of a web-based data collection approach, the questionnaire and field operations before undertaking the main survey. There will be no statistical publication or release from this pilot. However, responding to the pilot survey means that we can incorporate those learnings and build the most effective approach for the main survey.

The purpose of the main survey will be to gather data that helps us understand the issues facing young adults in Ireland today. This will help local, national and European policy makers make decisions about services for young people and their families.

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