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Retail Sales Index

October 2018 (Provisional) September 2018 (Final)

Seasonally Adjusted Retail Sales Index - All Businesses
 (Base Year 2015 = 100)
     Volume IndexValue Index
October 2018119.0111.8
September 2018119.0111.8
October 2017112.6106.2
Monthly % change0.00.1
Annual % change5.85.3

No change in Retail Sales volume in October 2018

Figure 1 Retail Sales Index - Seasonally Adjusted Volume
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Seasonally adjusted there was no change in the volume of retail sales in the month of October, with an annual increase of 5.8%. See Table 1. If Motor Trades are excluded, there was a decrease of 1.1% in the volume of retail sales in October 2018 when compared with September 2018 and there was an increase of 4.2% in the annual figure. See Table 2.

The sectors with the largest monthly volume increases were Pharmaceuticals, Medical & Cosmetic Articles (+9.3%) and Furniture & Lighting (+2.8%). The sectors with the largest month on month volume decreases were Other Retail Sales (-19.8%) and Bars (-4.6%). See Table 3.

There was an increase of 0.1% in the value of retail sales in October 2018 when compared with September 2018 and there was an annual increase of 5.3% when compared with October 2017. If Motor Trades are excluded there was a decrease of 1.0% in the month and an increase of 3.4% in the annual figure.

Unadjusted indices are available on CSO Statbank.  

The seasonal adjustment models for the RSI have been updated in line with CSO's policy to regularly review seasonal adjustment. The review focused in particular on the 'July' effect in Motor Trade. This has resulted in revisions to the indices for the sectors Motor Trade, All Businesses, Motors & Fuel for the months of June, July and August.

There are no revisions to the unadjusted series. The CSO will continue to review the models used in the RSI on a yearly basis.