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CSO statistical release, , 11am

Outward Foreign Affiliates Statistics


Number of persons engaged and turnover in Irish-owned foreign affiliates, 2017 - 2019
 Number of persons engaged% of total Turnover (€millions)% of total
 201712018120192019 201712018120192019
United States236,003233,236263,00922.5% 93,29294,329101,90339.9%
United Kingdom110,432120,631125,47610.7% 43,06544,96542,73016.7%
Germany34,27136,03334,3242.9% 11,31212,22710,5834.1%
France26,45827,80828,6382.5% 9,4279,70010,2834.0%
Netherlands17,40320,11916,5781.4% 6,7537,3316,3472.5%
Other countries621,759647,184700,70860.0% 80,49881,33383,84032.8%
All countries1,046,3261,085,0111,168,733100.0% 244,347249,885255,686100.0%
1Outward Foreign Affiliates Statistics were revised for 2017 and 2018

Almost 1.2 million persons employed in Irish multinationals abroad

Figure 1: Turnover in Irish-owned foreign affiliates, 2019
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In 2019, there were 1,168,733 persons employed in Irish multinationals abroad, 33.2% of them in the US or the UK. Irish multinationals abroad had turnover of almost €256bn, with US and UK affiliates accounting for 56.6% of this.

Employment in Irish affiliates in the UK increased by 4,845, or 4.0% from 2018 to 2019, while turnover decreased by 5.0%. Employment in Irish affiliates in the US increased by 29,773, or 12.8%, while turnover increased by 8.0%.

Irish affiliates in Germany, France and the Netherlands together accounted for 6.8% of persons employed in Irish multinationals abroad in 2019, while affiliates in these three countries accounted for 10.6% of turnover. See Figures 1 & 2 and Headline table.

Outward Foreign Affiliates Statistics (OFATS) cover the activities of Irish multinationals abroad. The purpose of the survey is to allow analysis of the sectoral and geographical composition of the affiliates controlled by Irish multinationals. Care should be taken when analysing the Outward Foreign Affiliates Statistics as the register of Irish multinationals abroad can be subject to significant change in the short term.

An enterprise is deemed to be Irish owned if over 50% of its controlling interest is in Ireland. The population of foreign affiliates is subject to fluctuation based on international market conditions and the buying and selling of affiliates by Irish multinationals. Any enterprise that redomiciles their controlling operations to Ireland will have a bearing on the results, provided the above criteria are satisfied, as it would from that point be considered an Irish enterprise.

Please click the following link to access details of the methodology used:

 Compiling Foreign Affiliates Statistics (FATS)