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CSO statistical release, , 11am

Domestic Metered Public Water Consumption


YearNumber of metersAverage (Litres per meter per day)Median (Litres per meter per day)

Water consumption fell by 8.4% between 2015 and 2016

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The annual average consumption per meter per day in 2016 was 351 litres. This is an 8.4% decrease compared with the 2015 average of 383 litres (see Headline table and Table 6). On a monthly basis, the average consumption varied from 342 litres per meter per day in November to 358 litres in May (see Table 1). In 2016, the highest decile accounted for 37% of total consumption and had an average consumption of 1,310 litres per meter per day (see Figure 1 and Table 3). This is 21% lower than the 2015 average consumption of 1,665 litres per meter per day for the highest decile.

In contrast to average consumption, the median consumption per meter per day in 2016 of 249 litres was 1.2% higher than the 2015 figure of 246 litres (see Headline table and Table 6). The monthly medians varied from 246 litres in July and November to 258 litres in May (see Table 1). Median consumption reflects typical levels of consumption more than average consumption as the median is less affected by meters with very high levels of water use.

Around 75% of annual total water consumption by domestic metered customers was accounted for by 99.1% of customers, using a consumption threshold of 1,000 litres per meter per day (see Table 2). The converse of this is that 0.9% of customers used 25% of metered water consumption in 2016.

Table 4A shows the monthly average consumption per meter per day by county. Cavan had the lowest average consumption in 2016 at 298 litres compared with Offaly which had the highest annual average of 398 litres. The corresponding medians and number of meters are given in Tables 4B and 4C.

Table 5A shows the average consumption by Dublin postal district. Dublin 20, at 274 litres per meter per day, had the lowest annual average daily consumption in 2016. Dublin 24 had the highest average daily consumption at 569 litres.

In the interests of completeness figures for Dublin 17 and Dublin 24 have been given in Tables 5A-5C. However users should note that data were available for only a small number of meters in both of these districts. No meter data were available for Dublin 10.