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Domestic Building Energy Ratings

Quarter 2 2018

Table A: BER Ratings by Period of Construction
% of row
Period of constructionEnergy rating 

Mains Gas at 57% and Electricity at 36% dominate main space heating in new builds

Figure 1: BER Ratings by Period of Construction
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Mains gas was the main space heating fuel used in 57% of the 20,576 dwellings completed during 2015-2018 and with a Building Energy Rating (BER) audit. This was a substantial increase from 2000-2004 when 39% of dwellings with a BER audit used mains gas. There were contrasting trends for heating oil and electricity with 36% of 2000-2004 built dwellings using heating oil compared with 6% for dwellings built in 2015-2018. In contrast usage of electricity increased from 19% in 2000-2004 to 36% in 2015-2018 (see Table 9).

There was a decrease of 2.7% in the number of dwellings receiving a BER audit in the first half of 2018 compared with the same period in 2017 (see Table 1).

Dwellings built in 2015-2018 were considerably more energy efficient than in earlier periods with 96% given an “A” rating compared with 36% in 2010-2014 and 1% in 2005-2009 (see Table A and Figure 1).

Dublin County had the highest combined “A” and “B” rating at 25% (see Table 4). Offaly and Roscommon had the lowest proportion of combined “A” and “B” rating at 7%.

Dublin 18, with an average dwelling age of 17 years, had the highest proportion of combined “A” and “B” rating at 40% (see Table 5). The average age of dwellings in Dublin 15 that have had a BER audit done was also 17 years, but the combined "A" and "B" rating was much lower at 26% than in Dublin 18. The highest proportion of combined “F” and “G” rating was 27% for Dublin 7.

The average floor area of all dwellings with a BER audit was 111 square metres (see Table 11). This average size varied from 156 square metres for detached houses to 59 square metres for basement dwellings.

The CSO published a new quarterly series in June 2018 on the number of new dwellings built in Ireland. The release included a review of the completeness and timeliness of Building Energy Rating certificates for new dwellings. The release noted that there is an element of under-count in the number of BER certificates for the self-build sector and that there can be a lag between the occupation of a new dwelling and the completion of a final BER audit.