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CSO statistical release, , 11am

New Dwelling Completions

Quarter 2 2021

 Number of new dwelling completions
Quarter 2 20208681,8375243,229
Quarter 2 20211,1492,5391,3335,021
 % change32.4%38.2%154.4%55.5%

Apartments now account for over a quarter of new dwellings as completions rebound

Figure 1: Number of new dwelling completions by type of dwelling Q1 2016 - Q2 2021
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The recovery of the construction sector since the relaxation of restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic is evident in the new dwelling completion figures this quarter, particularly relative to quarter 2 in 2020 when the initial phase of restrictions were in place. There were 5,021 new dwelling completions in Q2 2021, which is 55.5% greater than the 3,229 completions in the second quarter of 2020. The total figure for this quarter is also 4.6% greater than the 4,802 completions in Q2 2019.

The Q2 data for 2021 also shows that:

  • There was an increase in completions across all dwelling types compared to Q2 2020. This was greatest for apartments where there was a 154.4% increase from 524 completions in Q2 2020 to 1,333 in Q2 2021. Apartments completions had also more than doubled - an increase of 101.4% - from the 662 completions in Q2 2019
  • There were 2,539 scheme dwellings completed this quarter, rising 38.2% from the 1,837 completed in Q2 2020. This was, however, 10.1% below the 2,825 scheme completions in Q2 2019.
  • The increase in completions was the least for single dwellings; with a 32.4% rise from 868 in Q2 2020 to 1,149 in Q2 2021. The number of scheme dwellings completed is down 12.6% from the 1,315 recorded in Q2 2019.
  • Scheme dwellings made up 50.6% of all new dwelling completions in Q2 2021, while 26.5% were apartments and 22.9% were apartments. This is the first time since the series began in 2011 that apartments represent over a quarter of all completions and compares with 16.2% in Q2 2020 and 13.8% in Q2 2019. See Table 1.
  • The Local Electoral Area (LEA) with the most completions this quarter is Blanchardstown-Mulhuddart (185 completions). For the first time, the new dwelling completions are now shown by LEA. See Figure 3.