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CSO statistical release, , 11am



Opposite-Sex Marriages20,38921,262
Same-Sex Marriages664759
All Marriages rate per 1,000 population4.34.6
Average Age of Groom (Opposite-Sex Marriage)36.436.1
Average Age of Bride (Opposite-Sex Marriage)34.434.1
Average Age of Male (Same-Sex Marriage)40.140.3
Average Age of Female (Same-Sex Marriage)38.740.5

There were 21,053 marriages in 2018 including 664 same-sex marriages

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There were 664 same-sex marriages in 2018, of which 372 were male unions and 292 were female unions.

The average age of couples in same-sex marriages in 2018 was 39.5 years.  The average age of male partners in same-sex marriages was 40.1 and the average age of female partners was lower at 38.7.  See tables 23A, 23B and 23C.

There were 20,389 opposite-sex marriages in 2018.  The average age of grooms was 36.4 years, 0.3 years more than the average age of grooms in 2017.  In the past 50 years, the average age of grooms decreased from 28.4 years in 1968 to 26.2 years, 10 years later, in 1978 and increased to a high of 36.4 years in 2018.  A similar trend is evident for brides with the average age decreasing from 25.5 in 1968 to a record low of 24.0 in 1978 and increasing to a high of 34.4 in 2018.  See tables 1 and 3.

The number of all marriages (opposite-sex and same-sex) registered in 2018 was 21,053 which equates to a crude (unadjusted) marriage rate of 4.3 per 1,000 population, 0.3 less than the 2017 rate.  This is 968 fewer marriages than in 2017 when 22,021 marriages took place.  Same-sex marriages accounted for 3.2% of all marriages in 2018.  See table 1.