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Well-being Information Hub

This Well-being Information Hub has been developed and is maintained by the Central Statistics Office (CSO). It reports on the Well-being of the nation and attempts to answer this essential question – how we are doing as a country, as communities and as individuals.

It covers the broad range of life in Ireland – from education, to health, to work and so many more facets of Irish life. Across the 11 themes of Well-being (based on an international framework developed by the OECD), this information hub provides dynamic updates for the many Well-being indicators which comprise of the dimensions of Well-being.

The statistics have been sourced from a broad range of sources, mainly from the Central Statistics Office, but also sources across the government system. The source for all data presented on this information hub is acknowledged and we thank all data providers for their support.

Please note: The CSO is not responsible for the quality of data from the external sources.

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