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The CSO Standard Marital Status Classification (TXT 1KB)   is a classification of marital status based on the marriage laws or customs of Ireland. This classification was approved by the CSO Classifications Board on June 12th, 2002.



This is a 4-level hierarchical classification:

Level1 (TXT 1KB)   contains 5 categories with 1-digit codes.

Level 2 (TXT 1KB)   contains 6 categories with 2-digit codes.

Level 3 (TXT 1KB)   contains 8 categories with 3-digit codes.

Level 4 (TXT 1KB)   contains 9 categories with 4-digit codes.

Married is divided at Level 2 into Married - not separated and Married - separated. Married - not separated is further broken down in Level 3 into Married - first marriage, Re-married - following widowhood and Remarried - following divorce/annulment. At Level 4, Married - separated is divided into Married - separated formally and Married - separated informally.


Further Information

Further information on this classification may be obtained from:

Classifications and Standards Section
Central Statistics Office