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The CSO Standard Levels of Education Classification (TXT 2KB)   is a variant of the International Standard Classification of Education - ISCED 1997. Due to differences in educational systems, it is often necessary for countries to create national versions or variants of the international standard. This CSO Standard Level of Education Classification concords to the ISCED classification at the lowest level. It was approved by the CSO Classifications Board on May 6th, 2004. The ISCED 1997 is available from the UNESCO website.



This is a 3-level hierarchical classifcation:

Level 1 (TXT 1KB)    contains 5 categories with 1-digit codes.

level 2 (TXT 1KB)  contains 7 categories with 2-digit codes.

Level 3 (TXT 1KB)   contains 18 categories with 3-digit codes.

Secondary is divided at Level 2 into Lower and Upper Secondary and Third Level is divided into Degree and Non-Degree. The following categories of Level 2 have been divided at Level 3: Primary or Below, Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary, Post-Secondary Non-Tertiary, Degree or Higher.


Further Information

Further information on this classification may be obtained from:

Classifications and Standards Section
Central Statistics Office