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The CSO Standard Dwelling Type Classification (TXT 2KB)  is a classification of types of dwelling. A dwelling is any building or structure, permanent or temporary created or used for private or communal human habitation, or part of such a structure (e.g an apartment). The CSO Classifications Board approved this classification on May 6th 2004.



This is a 5-level hierarchical classification

Level 1 (TXT 1KB)   contains 5 categories with 1-digit codes.

Level 2 (TXT 1KB)  contains 8 categories with 2-digit codes.

Level 3 (TXT 1KB)   contains 22 categories with 3-digit codes.

Level 4 (TXT 1KB)   contains 24 categories with 4-digit codes.

Level 5 (TXT 1KB)   contains 41 categories with 5-digit codes.

Dwellings are divided at Level 1 into Private Dwellings (i.e. privately owned or rented) and Non-private Dwellings. The Non-private Dwellings are further divided at Level 2 between Institutions, Other Non-private Dwellings (non-institutional establishments) and Non-private Dwellings n.e.c.


Because of the latter division, a distinction has been made at Level 3 between hostels that may be classified as institutions, e.g. Shelters or Refuges, and hostels that may be classified as non-institutional, i.e. Hostels or Campsites (further sub-divided at Level 5 to include Tourist or Youth Hostels).


Further Information

Further information on this classification may be obtained from:

Classifications and Standards Section
Central Statistics Office