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The CSO Standard Classification Currency and Funds Revised 2021 is a classification of world currencies and funds. A currency is a medium of exchange of value, defined by reference to the geographical location of the authorities responsible for it, whereas funds are the monetary resources associated with a currency.

The CSO Standard Currency and Funds Classification is a modified version of the ISO 4217:2015 - 'Codes for the representation of currencies and funds'. The changes have been made in order to make the classification more user friendly and to meet the requirements of the CSO. The ISO 4217:2015 is an international classification developed by the ISO - or International Organisation for Standardisation - a world-wide federation of national standards bodies. The ISO 4217:2015 is available from the ISO website.

This Standard Classification was further updated in October 2021.


This is a flat classification containing 179 categories, each with a 3-character alpha code.

In most cases, the currency code is composed of the country's two-character abbreviations defined in ISO 3166 (Codes for the representation of names of countries) with an extra character added to denote the currency unit. For example, the code for Canadian Dollar is CAD.

Where a currency is used by more than one country a full list of the countries that use the currency is shown.

Further Information

Further information on this classification may be obtained from:

Classifications and Standards Section
Central Statistics Office