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The CSO Standard Fields of Education Classification (TXT 3KB)   is a classification of the various fields of study which can be undertaken. This classification was derived from a joint project with Eurostat and UNESCO. It is based on the International Standard Classification of Education - ISCED 1997 (Fields of Education). In 1999, Eurostat and UNESCO further elaborated on the ISCED 1997 and provided a third level of about 80 categories called 'Detailed Fields'. This additional level was added to allow the EUORSTAT Classification of Training developed in 1997-98 to be integrated with ISCED 1997 and features subjects which would normally be covered as part of vocational education. The ISCED 1997 is available from the UNESCO website.



This is a 3-level hierarchical classification.

Level 1 (TXT 1KB)   known as "broad fields" contains 10 categories with 1-digit codes.

Level 2 (TXT 1KB)   known as "narrow fields" contains 26 categories with 2-digit codes.

Level 3 (TXT 2KB)   known as "detailed fields" contains 91 categories with 3-digit codes.

At Level 3 there are a number of categories, which are accompanied by the term "broad programmes" in brackets e.g. 340 "Business and Administration (broad programmes)". By the term "broad programmes" it is meant that an education or training programme comprises parts from several fields of education and training (at least three), mainly within the same field of education, and none of the fields of education and training is clearly dominating. These broad programmes are classified using "0" as the third digit.


Further Information

Further information on this classification may be obtained from:

Classifications and Standards Section
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