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Which classifications have been standardised to date?

Classifications and Standards (C&S) section in consultation with stakeholders have so far standardised the following classifications:

Are concordances available on the RAMON website and are they downloadable?

Concordances (also known as correspondences) between most international classifications can be downloaded from Eurostat's RAMON classification web server.

What information do you have on the NUTS classification?

Nuts is an acronym for the EU Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics. This classification was legally established by EU regulation No 1059/2003 on 29 May 2003. In Ireland it is classified hierarchically as Level 1 - Ireland, Level 2 - Regions and Level 3 - Regional Authorities.

Below these levels the EU has defined two Local Administrative Units or LAU's. In Ireland LAU Level 1 (formerly NUTS Level 4) consists of 34 Administrative Counties and LAU Level 2 (formerly NUTS Level 5) of Electoral Divisions. 

Further information on NUTS and LAU's may be obtained from Eurostat:

Are Socio-economic Status Classifications used in the CSO?

The following Socio-economic Status Classifications were used in Census 2016;

  • Socio-economic Group
  • Social Class

More detailed information on these classifications is available by using the following link (Statistical Tables and Appendices pages 74 and 75):