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From 1st December PxStat will be replacing StatBank as the CSO's new Open Data Portal.

PxStat is our new Data Dissemination Management System, developed by the CSO with the support of the PC-Axis Reference Group and the collaboration of the Open Source community.

The system is powered by a lightweight engine and provides a modern, responsive and efficient Web Interface and Web Services (API) for managing and disseminating statistics. End-Users can run extensive meta-data searches , filter results, explore data by "slicing and dicing", export results to different formats, visualise data over geographical layers, share their results and automate their processes by reading data via API queries. The outputs follow also the Open Data recommendations by providing access to multiple data formats (JSON-Stat, PX, XLSX, CSV) and is ready to enable RDF and LOD (Linked Open Data) to reach "5 Star Linked Open Data".

If you currently use our API to process data please see the attached note which explains the changes that you will need to make to keep receiving data from the CSO Technical Note for Users moving from Statbank to PxStat (DOC 59KB)