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RMF Application Form

The proposed RMF Application Form now combines the:
· RMF Application form,
· RMF Renewal Application form, and
· Application to Add Researcher(s) to Research Project form.
The form is to be completed by a project’s lead researcher. RMF Application Form


Research Organisation Accreditation Application Form

Accreditation is now required for all Research Organisations that wish to be granted access to CSO research microdata files. This form is to be completed and the declaration signed by a senior representative who is someone with authority to make commitments on behalf of the organisation, e.g. managing director, president, university chancellor or similar. Within this document the Research Organisation Senior Representative must nominate one or two Research Organisation RMF Contacts who will be responsible for coordinating the submission of each research proposal. Research Organisation Accreditation Application Form 

 See also: 

Register of Accredited Research Organisation 

Researcher Accreditation Application Form

The Researcher Acceditation Form is to be completed by a researcher who has not previously accessed CSO RMF data on behalf of their current Research Organisation. Where a researcher has moved from one Research Organisation to another since accessing CSO RMF data they must submit this application form.

Researcher Accreditation Application Form

RMF Input Request Template:

Form to be completed and forwarded to the statistician by researcher requesting the addition of files to the VDI. RMF Input Request Template

RMF Output Request Template:

Form to be completed and forwarded to the statistician by researcher when requesting files to be released from the VDI. 


CSO Researcher User Guide:

Guide to accessing the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for the first time, including instructions on installing the Citrix NetScaler CSO Researcher User Guide

Quick-start VDI User Guide:

Guide to accessing and using the VDI after following the steps in the “CSO Researcher Logon Procedure”. Quick-start VDI User guide (PDF 234KB)

R Usage Instructions:

Guide to using R and R Studio in the VDI. R Usage Instructions (PDF 446KB)