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RMFs are unit record files that do not contain direct identifiers but where the risk of disclosure through indirect identification is considered to be significant. RMFs are not statistical products, as our products relate to aggregated statistical analysis, but are research files that are made available to persons authorised to access such files under the Statistics Act, 1993 subject to strict criteria.

Access to RMFs is strictly controlled and can only be granted within the framework of the Statistics Act, 1993 and must be approved by the Director General of the CSO. Any persons accessing such files must be appointed as Officers of Statistics, sign a Declaration of Secrecy and agree to abide by the Research Microdata File (RMF) Standard Agreement which outlines the specific conditions under which the microdata will be made available.

Under the Statistics Act, 1993 the Director General of the CSO may appoint an individual to be an Officer of Statistics for a specified period to perform a particular statistical analysis on microdata collected under the Act. In these circumstances, the researcher is subject to the full rigour and penalties of the Statistics Act, 1993.

Currently, RMFs are the only means through which access can be granted to business microdata. In addition, RMFs have also been prepared to allow access to household based data at a more detailed level than that possible through AMFs.

The following links provide detailed information outlining the:


Arranging On-Site Appointments

  • Access to on-site RMFs is by pre-arranged appointment only made through the Statistician.
  • The researcher must provide Photo ID which will be checked by the Statistician prior to providing the access. Acceptable ID includes a driver’s licence, passport, student card or work ID.
  • The researcher will be logged in to the relevant RMF either by the relevant Statistician or by the IT contact nominated by the Statistician.
  • Access will only be provided to the RMF specified on the Officer of Statistics Register.