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Timeliness Monitor 2023
Frontier Series Outputs
Publication Current Timeliness  
FrequencyEditionPublished CSO TargetInternational StandardSource of International Standard
PULSE Survey - Our Lives Online: Remote Work SeriesNov 2021Jan 2022n/rn/rStatistics Act, 1993
PULSE Survey - Our Lives Online: Remote Learning SeriesNov 2021Feb 2022n/rn/rStatistics Act, 1993 
Measuring Mortality Using Public Data Sources 2019-2021 SeriesOctober 2019 - December 2021Feb 2022n/rn/rn/r
COVID-19: Two Years OnAdhoc2020-2022March 2022n/rn/rn/r
Impact of Selected COVID-19 Income Supports on Employees - Insights from Real Time Administrative Sources,SeriesSeries 3March 2022n/rn/rn/r
Information and Communications Technology: A Value Chain Analysis Series2019March 2022n/rn/rn/r
Trust SurveySeriesDec 2021March 2022n/rn/rn/r
Business Signs of Life Series Two: Business SurvivalOn going 2020-2021May 2022n/rn/rn/r
Pulse Survey - Our Lives Outdoors: Snapshot of ResultsSeriesApril-May 2022May 2022n/rn/rn/r
Estimated Inflation by Household CharacteristicsSeriesJune 2022July 2022n/rn/rn/r
Household Expenditure on Digital Services n/r2020July 2022n/rn/rn/r
Impact of COVID-19 on Travel Behaviour n/rJul-05July 2022n/rn/rn/r
Deaths from COVID-19 by Location and Age GroupsSeriesMar 2020 - Feb 2022August 2022n/rn/rn/r
Accompanying Conditions of Deaths from COVID-19SeriesMarch 2020 - Feb 2022August 2022n/rn/rn/r
Pulse Survey - Our Lives Outdoors: Spending Time OutdoorsSeries April-May 2022September 2022n/rn/rn/r
Characteristics of Residential Property Purchasers Series2010-2021October 2022n/rn/rn/r
COVID-19 Vaccination StatisticsSeriesSeries 6October 2022n/rn/rn/r
Port Visits Using Real-Time Shipping DataSeriesQ1 2021-Q2022October 2022n/rn/rn/r
Ecosystem Accounts - Rivers and Lakes by ExtentSeries2018October 2022n/rn/rn/r
Pulse Survey - Our Lives Outdoor: Protection of the EnvironmentSeriesApril-May 2022October 2022n/rn/rn/r
Arrivals from Ukraine in IrelandSeries Series 8December 2022n/rn/rn/r
Monthly Estimates of Payroll Employees using Administrative Data SeriesOctober 2022December 2022n/rn/rn/r
Characteristics of Residential Property Purchasers - Prices, Ages and Incomes at Local Electoral Areas (LEA)Series2021November 2022n/rn/rn/r
Impact of COVID-19 on Businesses and the Labour MarketSeriesApril-May 2022November 2022n/rn/rn/r
PULSE Survey - Our Lives, Our MoneySeriesOct-Nov 2022December 2022n/rn/rn/r
Economic Statistics      
Publication  Current Timeliness   
FrequencyEditionPublished CSO TargetInternational StandardSource of International Standard
Institutional Sector Accounts      
Institutional Sector Accounts - Financial & Non FinancialAnnual202143 Weeks45 Weeks39 WeeksRegulation (EU) 549/2013
Institutional Sector Accounts - Non financialQuarterQ2 202299 Days105 Days105 DaysRegulation (EU) 549/2013
External Trade      
Goods Exports and Imports MonthSep 202246 Days45 Days70 DaysRegulation (EC) 638/2004 , Commission Regulation (EC) 96/2010 , Council Regulation (EC) 1172/95 subject to Commission Regulation (EC) 1917/2000
Ireland's Trade in GoodsAnnualJul 190549 Weeks52 Weeksn/rn/r
Detailed Trade StatisticsMonthlySep 202253 Days77 Days n/rRegulation (EC) 638/2004 , Commission Regulation (EC) 96/2010 , Council Regulation (EC) 1172/95 subject to Commission Regulation (EC) 1917/2000
Government Accounts      
Social Protection Expenditure in Ireland Annual2020January 2022n/rn/rRegulation (EC) 458/2007
Government Finance StatisticsQuarterQ2 2022112 Days113 Daysn/rRegulation (EU) No 549/2013
Government Finance Statistics - Annual - First Estimate (April)Annual2016-202116 Weeks16 Weeks13 WeeksRegulation (EU) No 549/2013
Government Finance Statistics - Annual - Second Estimate (October)Annual2016-202141 weeks42 weeks42 weeksRegulation (EU) No 549/2013
System of Health Accounts Annual202077 weeks78 weeksn/rRegulation 2015/359
Irelands Tax Statistics Annual2021n/rn/rn/rn/r
Register of Public Sector Bodies in IrelandBiannual202115 Weeks42 Weeksn/rRegulation (EU) 549/2013 , Council Regulation (EC) 479/2009 amended by Council Regulation (EU) 679/2010 and Commission Regulation (EU) 220/2014
National Accounts      
County Income & Regional GDPAnnual2019111 Weeks112 Weeks112 WeeksRegulation (EU) No 549/2013
Quarterly National Accounts QuarterQ3 202263 Days70 Days70 DaysRegulation (EU) No 549/2013
Productivity in IrelandAnnual202077 weeks82 weeksn/rn/r
Annual National Accounts (ANA)Annual202128 Weeks26 Weeksn/rRegulation (EU) 549/2013
Estimates of the Capital Stocks of Fixed AssetsAnnual202145 Weeks52 Weeks104 WeeksRegulation (EU) 549/2013
Supply and Use Tables for IrelandAnnual2019152 Weeks161 Weeks156 WeeksRegulation (EU) 549/2013
Household SavingQuarterlyQ3 202267 Days70 Days71 Daysn/r
Balance of Payments      
Foreign Direct InvestmentAnnual202150 weeks39 weeksn/rRegulation (EC) 184/2005
Resident Holdings of Foreign Portfolio SecuritiesAnnual202138 Weeks45 Weeks39 Weeksn/r
Services Trade by Enterprise Characteristic Annual 2019146 Weeks140 Weeksn/rRegulation (EC) 184/2005
Macroeconomic ScoreboardAnnual202146 Weeks45 Weeksn/rn/r
International Trade in ServicesAnnual202149 Weeks47 Weeks39 WeeksRegulation (EC) 184/2005
International Accounts - (incorporating Balance of International Payments and International InvestmentQuarterlyQ3 202263 Days85 days90 DaysRegulation (EC) No 184/2005
Institutional Sector Accounts      
Non FinancialQuarterQ4 202195 Days105 Days105 DaysRegulation (EU) 549/2013
Social & DemographyCurrent Timeliness
PublicationFrequencyEditionPublished CSO TargetInternational StandardSource of International Standard
Labour Market and Earnings      
Monthly UnemploymentMonthNov 20220 days4 Daysn/rn/r
Live RegisterMonthNov 20222 Days7 Daysn/rn/r
Labour Force Survey (LFS)QuarterQ3 202255 Days56 Days84 DaysRegulation No (EC) 577/98
Earnings and Labour CostQuarterQ3 202260 Days56 Days75 DaysRegulation (EC) 453/2008, , Regulation(EC) 450/2003, , Council Regulation (EC) 530/1999, , Regulation (EC) 1165/1998 , S.I. No. 115/2018 - Statistics (Labour Costs Survey) Order 2018
Labour Market Insight BulletinSeriesSeries 11May 2022n/rn/rn/r
LFS Employment Series AnnualQ3 202280 Days119 Daysn/rCouncil Regulation (EC) 577/98
Industrial DisputesQuarterQ3 2022 52 Days56 Daysn/rn/r
Social Conditions      
Pension CoverageAnnual20214 weeks6 weeksn/rn/r
Personal and Work-Life Balance – Remote WorkingAdhoc2021n/rn/rn/rn/r
Survey on Income and Living Conditions (SILC) Annual2021n/rn/rn/rRegulation (EC) 1177/2003
SILC Module on Child Deprivation Unknown2021n/rn/rn/rn/r
SILC: Enforced DeprivationsUnknown2022n/rn/rn/rn/r
Trust Survey - International ComparisonsOnce-off2021n/rn/rn/rn/r
Personal and Work-Life Balance - Job and Life Satisfaction and Barriers to WorkAdhoc2021April 2022n/rn/rn/r
Housing and households      
Household Finance and Consumption SurveyAnnualTriennialMay 2022n/rn/rn/r
Household Survey Response Burden IndexQuarterQ1 202238 Weeks40 Weeks40 Weeksn/r
Vital Statistics      
Suicide StatisticsAnuual2019Sep 2022n/rn/rVital Statistics and Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act, 1952
Vital Statistics Annual ReportAnnual202095 Weeks105 Weeksn/rVital Statistics and Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act, 1951
Vital Statistics Yearly SummaryAnnual202122 Weeks26 Weeksn/rVital Statistics and Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act, 1951
Vital Statistics ReleaseQuarter202121 Weeks22 Weeks26 WeeksVital Statistics and Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act, 1952
Population and Migration EstimatesAnnual2022116 days140 daysn/rn/r
Census of Population Every 5 years2022n/rn/rn/rS.I. No. 637/2020 - Statistics (Census of Population) Order 2020
Crime and Criminal Justice      
Recorded Crime Victims 2021 and suspected offenders 2020Annual2021n/rn/rn/rGarda Siochána Act 2005
Prison re-offending StatisticsAnnual2019129 weeks156 weeksn/rn/r
The Earnings Background of ProbationersUnknown2014-2020n/rn/rn/rn/r
Probation re-offending StatisticsAnnual2018204 Weeks156 Weeksn/rn/r
Recorded Crime DetectionAnnual202146 Weeks46 Weeksn/r Garda Siochána Act 2005
Recorded Crime**QuarterQ3 202282 days90 Daysn/rGarda Siochána Act 2005 **These statistics are categorised as Under Reservation. This categorisation indicates that the quality of these statistics do not meet the standards required of official statistics published by the CSO.
Income, Consumption and Wealth      
Intergenerational Transfer of Wealth Annual2020n/an/an/an/a
Business Statistics      
Publication Current Timeliness  
FrequencyEditionPublished CSO TargetInternational StandardSource of International Standard
Monthly Services IndexMonthSeptember 202242 days35 days n/r Regulation No 472/2008 amended by Commission Regulation (EU) No 715/2010 , Council Regulation (EC) No 1165/98
Retail Sales Index MonthNovember 202237 days49 days38 daysRegulation (EC) No 1165/98 amended by Regulation (EC) No 1158/2005
Industrial Production & TurnoverMonthOctober 202237 days35 days 41 daysRegulation (EC) No 1165/98
Irish Industrial Production by SectorAnnual2021201 Days210 Daysn/rn/r
Vehicles licensed for the first timeMonthNov 20229 Days10 Daysn/rn/r
Transport BulletinMonthDec 202213 Days13 Daysn/rn/r
Statistics of Port TrafficQuarterQ2 202217 Weeks22 Weeks39 WeeksRegulation (EC) No 70/2012
Sustainable Mobility and Transport n/a2021n/rn/rn/rn/r
Transport OmnibusAnnual202148 Weeks49 Weeks39 Weeks 
Road Freight TransportQuarter Q2 202223 Weeks30 Weeks90 WeeksRegulation (EC) No 70/2012
Agriculture and Fishing      
 Milk StatisticsMonthOct 202230 Days31 Days60 DaysCouncil Directive No 96/16/EC
Livestock SlaughteringsMonthNov 202220 Days28 Days60 DaysRegulation (EU) No 1165/2008
Agriculture Output, Input, Income - Preliminary EstimatesAnnual202169 Days74 days31 daysRegulation (EU) No 138/2004
Output Input and Income in Agriculture - Final EstimatesAnnual202126 Weeks26 Weeksn/rRegulation (EC) 138/2004
Output, Input and Income in Agriculture - Advance EstimatesAnnual     
Area, Yield and Production of CropsAnnual202117 Weeks22 Weeks 39 WeeksDelegated Regulation (EU) 2015/1557 updating Regulation (EC) 543/2009
Crops & Livestock FinalAnnual202113 Weeks48 Weeks15 WeeksDelegated Regulation (EU) No 2015/1557 updating Regulation (EC) No 543/2009 , Regulation (EC) No 1165/2008
June Crops & Livestock ProvisionalAnnual202213 Weeks15 Weeks15 WeeksDelegated Regulation (EU) 2015/1557 updating Regulation (EC) 543/2009 , Regulation (EC) 1165/2008
Fertiliser SalesAnnual2021n/rn/rn/rn/r
Fish LandingsAnnual202134 Weeks26 Weeksn/rn/r
Pig SurveyAnnual202211 Weeks11 Weeks11 WeeksRegulation (EC) 1165/2008
Regional Accounts for AgricultureAnnual202139 weeks43 weeksn/rn/r
Meat Supply Balance Annual202141 weeks52 Weeks n/rn/r
Census of AgricultureEvery 10 years2020May 2022n/rn/rRegulation (EC) 1165/2008 , S.I. No. 281/2020 - Statistics (Census of Agriculture) Order 2020 - Regulation (EU) 2018/1091
Agricultural Price IndicesMonthOct 202243 Days46 Days47 DaysRegulation (EU) No 138/2004
Agricultural Price IndicesAnnual2022(-58 days)(-61 Days)n/rCouncil Regulation (EC) 138/2004
Residential Property Price IndexMonthOct 202244 Days50 Days85 DaysRegulation (EU) No 93/2013
Consumer Price Index (CPI)MonthNov 20228 Days30 Days37 DaysRegulation (EU) No 2016/792
Wholesale Price Index (WPI)MonthNov 202222 Days22 Days35 DaysRegulation (EC) No 1165/98
Agricultural Land PricesAnnual 202015 Weeks22 Weeksn/rn/r
Residential Property Price IndexMonthApr 202246 days50 DaysQ+85Regulation (EU) No 93/2013
Services Producer Price IndexQuarterQ3 202276 Days84 Days112 DaysRegulation (EC) No 1165/98
Tourism and Travel      
Air and Sea Travel StatisticsMonthlyNovember 202222 Days31 Daysn/rn/r
Aviation StatisticsQuarterlyQ3 202211 Weeks13 Weeksn/rCouncil Regulation (EC) 546/2005 , S.I. No. 10/2020 - Statistics (Carriage of Passengers, Freight and Mail by Air) Order 2020 - Regulation (EC) No 437/2003
Household Travel SurveyQuarterlyQ2 2022118 Days120 Days n/rRegulation (EU) No 692/2011
Passenger Mobility and Road SafetyAnnual2021n/rn/rn/rn/r
Travel Behaviour TrendsAnnual2021June 2022n/rn/rn/r
Production in Building and Construction IndexQuarterQ3 202262 Days75 Days60 DaysRegulation (EC) No 1165/98 amended by Regulation (EC) No 1893/2006
Planning PermissionsQuarterQ3 202270 Days80 Days90 DaysRegulation (EC) No 1882/2003
Business DemographyAnnual202078 Weeks 78 Weeksn/rS.I. No. 572/2017 - Statistics (Structural Business Inquiries) Order 2017 , Regulation (EC) 295/2008
Innovation in Irish EnterprisesBiennial202075 weeks82 weeks90 weeksCommission Regulation (EC) 995/2012 implementing Decision 1608/2003/EC , S.I. No. 455/2018 - Statistics (Community Innovation Survey) Order 2018
Global Value ChainsTriennial202183 weeks60 weeksn/rStatistics (Global Value Chains) Order 2021 is 166/2021
Structural Business StatisticsAnnual202090 Weeks91 Weeks91 WeeksS.I. No. 572/2017 - Statistics (Structural Business Inquiries) Order 2017 , Regulation (EC) 295/2008
Response Burden Barometer Annual202138 Weeks52 Weeks n/rn/r
Outward Foreign Affiliates Statistics Annual202084 weeks87 weeks87 weeksRegulation (EC) 716/2007 , S.I. No. 596/2017 - Statistics (Outward Foreign Affiliates) Order 2017
Business in IrelandAnnual202096 Weeks95 Weeksn/rn/r
Continuing Vocational TrainingEvery 5 Years2020103 Weeks100 Weeksn/rStatistics (Continuing Vocational Training Survey) Order 2021 (S.I. No. 89/2021) , European Commission Regulation (EU) N0 1153/2014
International Sourcing SurveyTriennial2018-2020April 2022n/rn/rn/r
Information Society      
Household Digital Consumer BehaviourAnnual2022(-19) Days(-20) Daysn/rRegulation (EC) 808/2004
Information Society Statistics - EnterprisesAnnual202274 Days91 Daysn/rRegulation (EC) 808/2004 , S.I. No. 524/2018 - Statistics (Information and Communication Technologies Survey) Order 2018 , • Regulation (EU) 2019/2152 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019 on European business statistics, repealing 10 legal acts in the field of business statistics
Sustainability of Personal ICT DevicesFirst Release2022n/rn/rn/rn/r
Internet Coverage and Usage in Ireland Annual2022n/rn/rn/rRegulation (EC) 808/2004
Smart TechnologyFirst Release2022n/rn/rn/rn/r
Statistical Systems Co-ordination Unit
Publication Current Timeliness   
FrequencyEditionPublished CSO TargetInternational StandardSource of International Standard
Environmental Statistics       
Fuel Excise and ClearanceMonthlyOct 202237 days40 Daysn/rn/r
Domestic Building Energy RatingsQuarterQ3 202214 Days30 Daysn/rn/r
Non-Domestic Building Energy RatingsQuarterQ2 202214 Days30 Daysn/rn/r
Metered Electricity ConsumptionAnnual2020n/an/an/an/r
Data Centres Metered Electricity Consumption Annual2020n/an/an/an/r
Wood and Paper Exports and ImportsAnnual2020March 2022n/an/an/a
Environmental Subsidies & Similar TransfersAnnual202067 Weeks66 Weeks100 Weeksn/r
Domestic Waste Water Treatment SystemsAnnual202116 Weeks15 Weeksn/rn/r
 Afforestation AreaAnnual2021n/rn/rn/rn/r
Fossil Fuel SubsidiesAnnual202065 Weeks72 Weeksn/rn/r
Metered Electricity ConsumptionAnnual202118 Weeks24 Weeksn/rn/r
Data Centres Metered Electricity ConsumptionAnnual202118 Weeks 24 Weeksn/rn/r
Domestic Metered Public Water ConsumptionAnnual 202150 weeks52 weeks n/rn/r
Business Energy Use Annual2020102 weeks104 weeksn/rRegulation (EU) 431/2014 , S.I. No. 116/2016 - Statistics (Business Energy Use Survey) Order 2016
Plant Potection ProductsAnnual2020April 2022n/rn/rRegulation (EC) No. 1185/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council established a common framework for the production of statistics on the placing on the market of those pesticides which are plant protection products.
Forestry Scheme Payments Annual2021n/rn/rn/rn/r
Forest Wood RemovalsAnnual202126 Weeks40 Weeksn/rStatutory Instrument No. 112 of 2021
Environmental TaxesAnnual202128 Weeks30 Weeksn/rRegulation (EU) 691/2011
Household Gas Consumption by Building Energy Ratings Annual2021n/an/an/rn/r
Household Electricity Consumption by Building Energy RatingsAnnual2021n/an/an/rn/r
Networked Gas ConsumptionAnnual202134 Weeks39 Weeksn/rn/r
Wood Input Purchases by IndustryAnnual202139 Weeks34 Weeksn/rStatutory Instrument No. 650 of 2020
Non-Domestic Electricity Consumption by Building Energy Ratings Annual202117 Weeks17 Weeksn/rn/r
Environmental Accounts Air EmissionsAnnual202095 Weeks96 Weeksn/rRegulation (EU) 691/2011
Environmental Indicators IrelandAnnual2021(-13 Weeks)(-6 Weeks)n/rn/r
Trends in Metered Electricity and Gas BillsAnnual202149 Weeks50 Weeksn/rThe prices used in this release were collected by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) under Regulation (EU) 2016/1952.
Fuel Oil MovementsUnknown2021n/rn/rn/rn/r
Environment Goods and Services SectorAnnual2019127 weeks128 weeks124 weeksRegulation (EU) 691/2011 , Regulation (EU) 538/2014
Housing and Households      
Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Properties by Local Electoral Area Annual2021n/rn/rn/rn/r
New Dwelling CompletionsQuarterQ3 202227 Days50 Days90 Daysn/r
Distance to Remote Work Hubs and Childcare Services Once offFeb-22May 2022n/rn/rn/r
Sustainable Development Goals and Indicators      
Ireland's UN SDGs 2019 - Report on Indicators for Goal 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities Series 2021February 2022n/rn/rn/r
Ireland's UN SDGs - Goal 12 Responsible Consumption and ProductionSeries 2021March 2022n/rn/rn/r
Ireland's UN SDGs - Goal 13 Climate ActionSeries 2021October 2022n/rn/rn/r
Ireland's UN SDGs - Goal 14 Life Below WaterSeries 2021August 2022n/rn/rn/r
Ireland's UN SDGs - Goal 15 Life on Land Series 2021December 2022n/rn/rn/r
General Statistcal Publications       
Year in Numbers Part One: Society and EnvironmentOnce off2022n/rn/rn/rn/r
Year in Numbers Part Two: Business and EconomyOnce off2022n/rn/rn/rn/r
Measuring Ireland's ProgressAnnual202060 weeks60 Weeksn/rn/r
Educational Attainment Thematic ReportAnnual2022(-32 Days)(-40 Days)n/rStatistics Act, 1993
Higher Education OutcomesBiennual2010 - 2019April 2022n/rn/rStatistics Act, 1993
**Updated to 06/01/2023