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CSO statistical release, 13 July 2017, 11am

Business Expenditure On Research And Development


Business Expenditure on Research and Development (R&D) 2009-20161
Current Expenditure 1,542,8431,606,9111,874,6632,075,9552,090,611
Capital Expenditure 325,613150,314147,200157,102202,214
Total Expenditure 1,868,4561,757,2252,021,8632,233,0572,292,825
         of which     
            Irish Spend 563,217536,868703,121809,662926,004
            Foreign Spend 1,305,2391,220,3571,318,7421,423,3951,366,821
1Expenditure for 2016 is estimated

R&D spend by Irish enterprises increases by 15% in 2015

Figure 1: Total R&D expenditure, 2009-2016
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Results from the 2015 - 2016 Business Expenditure on Research and Development survey show that in excess of €2.2bn was spent on research and development (R&D) activities by enterprises in Ireland in 2015. This represents an increase of 10% compared with actual expenditure in 2013. Current expenditure, which comprises labour costs and other current costs, accounted for 93% of all expenditure in 2015, with capital expenditure accounting for the remaining 7% or €157m of total expenditure.

Irish owned enterprises reported an increase in R&D spend of 15% or €107m, up from €703m in 2013 to €810m in 2015.

Enterprises were also asked for their estimated R&D expenditure in 2016. These estimates indicate that R&D expenditure increased to €2.3bn in 2016, with the split between current and capital expenditure similar to data reported for 2015.  See Headline Table and Figure 1.