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CSO statistical release, 29 March 2018, 11am

Quarterly International Investment Position and External Debt

Quarter 4 2017

     € billion
 30 Sep 201731 Dec 2017
General Government10.5141.5-131.010.5133.7-123.2
Monetary Authority33.416.916.431.617.613.9
Monetary Financial Institutions733.4701.432.0739.3700.738.6
Other Financial Intermediaries2,857.32,830.127.22,955.92,933.222.7
Non-Financial Companies742.01,185.0-443.0739.01,151.6-412.6
Total 4,376.74,875.0-498.34,476.44,936.9-460.5

Net IIP liability of €461 billion at end-December 2017

International Investment Position and External Debt Q4 2017 Figure 1
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At 31st December 2017, Ireland’s quarterly international investment position (IIP) results show overall stocks of foreign financial assets of €4,476bn – an increase of €100bn on the end-September 2017 level, while the corresponding stocks of foreign financial liabilities increased by €62bn to €4,937bn over the quarter. Irish residents had an overall net foreign liability of €461bn at end-December 2017, an improvement of €38bn on the net foreign liability level at end-September 2017 – see Table 1(a).







Some points of note in the Quarter 4 2017 IIP are:

  • Direct Investment Abroad decreased by €29bn to €750bn. Equity capital (including reinvested earnings) decreased €7.4bn while other capital decreased €21.5bn – see Table 3(a).
  • Foreign Assets of Other Financial Intermediaries increased by €98.6bn. With foreign liabilities increasing by €103bn the resulting net decreased to €23bn - see Table (1b).
  • Foreign Assets of the Monetary Authority decreased by €1.8bn while foreign liabilities increased by €0.7bn. The resulting net decreased to €13.9bn – see Table (1b).