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CSO statistical release, 07 November 2017, 11am

Agricultural Price Indices - Preliminary estimates


OutputInput Terms of Trade
Base year 2010=100
% change9.6%-0.9%10.7%

Agricultural output price index up 9.6% in 2017

Agricultural Price Indices 2017 - Preliminary Estimates Figure 1
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Preliminary estimates of the agricultural price indices for 2017 show a 9.6% increase in output prices from 2016 levels while input prices are estimated to decrease by 0.9%. See Tables 1, 2 and graph.

The projected increase in the output price index of 9.6% is due mainly to an increase in milk (30.6%). See Table 1.

The projected decrease in the input price index of 0.9% is due mainly to decreases in Fertilisers (-6.2%) and Feeding Stuffs (-1.7%). See Table 2.